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Genuine GM and Chevrolet Performance 350 cu. in. / 5.7L Crate Engines at Karl Chevrolet

Chevrolet Performance 5.7L 350 Crate Engines are one of the most popular Chevy Small Block V8 Crate Motors in GM's line up of Silverado's, Tahoe's, Suburban's, Denali's and Sierra's. The 5.7L 350 V8 Small Block is also considered one of the top performing Crate Engines in the last 50 years and are sought after for their reliability and performance. The 5.7L 350 has earned a reputation for durability and a wide range of applications from GM Trucks and Chevrolet Passenger Vehicles to the Chevrolet Corvette.

Chevrolet Performance offers a wide range of 350 V8 Motors. In almost all cases you will get extra power, durability and life out of a modern Chevrolet Performance 5.7L 350 V8 engine. The 5.7L 350 V8 crate engine is easily modified. With a wide variety of factory and aftermarket parts available, one can easily enhance the performance of this engine without a huge expense. 

Overview of 5.7L 350 Chevrolet Performance Engines we offer:

Chevy 5.7L 350 Crate Engines are a quick and cost effective option to breath new live into your project vehicle or street rod. Not to mention, most Chevrolet Performance 5.7L 350 Crate Motors come with Limited Factory Warranty.

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