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Chevrolet Performance Crate Engines

More Choices with New Technologies and Classic Combinations

Chevrolet Performance Crate Engines  offers an unparalleled range of factory-engineered performance crate motors. Each Chevy crate engine is designed, validated and built with the same rigorous standards that go into GM production engines, ensuring a perfect fit and performance that doesn't sacrifice quality or durability.

When it comes to crate engines, Chevrolet Performance leads the industry with an unmatched range of Small Block, Big Block and LS Series packages. Every crate engine from Chevrolet Performance is all-new, from the intake manifold to the oil pan, so there's no worry regarding the condition of "seasoned" parts or rebuilds.

Don't settle for less on your project. Chevy Performance pioneered the concept more than 40 years ago, so you can trust them with the performance you want and durability you can depend on!