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New SP350 Chevy Crate Engines, in Base or Turn-Key,

available from Karl Chevrolet Performance Parts!

SP350 Chevy Crate Engine banner 

Chevrolet Performance's new SP350 Small-Block Chevy Crate Engines feature Fast Burn cylinder heads
equipped with LS-style beehive valve springs for greater high-rpm performance. These potent powerplants
are rated at 385 horsepower and a plentiful torque rating of 405 lb.-ft., all from 350 cubic inches!


Your choice of Base (19333157) or Turn-Key (19333158) versions.

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SP350 385 hp Chevy Crate engine Dyno chart 

Want even more power?

Check out the SP383 Deluxe (P/N 19332532) for a stroked 383 SBC with 435 hp!

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