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HEI Distributor

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 93440806



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Distributors and Components

High-quality, durable and dependable Chevrolet Performance distributors optimize the performance of your GM engine. These distributors are interchangeable among standard Chevy Small Block and Big Block V-8s. For tall-deck engines, use adjustable slip collar distributor P/N 10093387.


HEI Distributor

 93440806 Chevrolet Distributor

  • Cast aluminum distributor for all Small Block and Big Block V8 engine assemblies
  • High-performance mechanical advance curve
  • Vacuum advance canister included
  • Use connector P/N 12167658 to attach tachometer and 12-volt power supply wire to distributor
  • Includes module P/N 19180771, cap P/N 19110931 and rotor P/N 19110934

Note:  Includes melonized iron gear P/N 10456413.  Assembly without this gear may affect the warranty.